February 2018 - Mouse nest blown out of exhaust upon starting. No sign of the mouse, so hopefully he moved before the bike came here.

We see a couple of cases like this every year. If its not a nest, its a food cache of acorns and birdseed left by mice or chipmunks.

A cheap and easy way to prevent it is to stick a few unused dryer sheets in the ends of your exhaust and tuck some under your seat and around exposed wiring to ward the critters off while your bike is in storage.

March 2018 - Friends don't let friends wire their bikes!

Rat nest of exposed wiring hanging beneath the fairing.

Ground wire just twisted around bare metal.

Battery posts melting due to extreme current draw and shorts caused by exposed wiring pinched beneath the seat.

We actually don't know who did what. This is a recently purchased used bike brought in by one of our customers.